Jan 22, 2010

The Sonnox Oxford Supresser is a simple yet highly flexible de-esser and dynamic EQ. At first glance, this plugin appears to be similar to the built in de-essing plugins that come with Logic or Pro Tools. When inserted on a vocal, it can easily handle duties of suppressing harsh high end frequencies that are often created when using cheap Chinese made condenser microphones.

Without much hassle, the Suppresser can be set to natural tame a poorly recorded vocal in seconds.This plugin really shines in handling other sources as well. I recently had a mix session where the snare drum was recorded very poorly. There was a lot of high hat bleed coming in to the snare mic. This made it very difficult to properly compress the snare. I used the Supresser to dynamically duck the high hat hits at 5 khz while retaining the punch and the crack of the snare. This allowed me to compress the snare after the Supresser without creating a washy hi hat.Another useful feature of the Supresser is the listen modes. The user can easily monitor what is being compressed as well as what is not being compressed. This makes honing in on certain problematic frequencies a breeze. A final feature that I suggest all plugin manufactures include is a blend control. The user can blend the de-essed signal with the dry signal for a very natural tucking of the hard frequencies, without destroying the original intent of the performance. – by Shane O’Connor

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