Dec 9, 2014

Since we now organize the NYC Synth Expo, we will start covering more synths in this blog.

The modular Eurorack format, in particular, is rather intriguing, and it’s becoming more and more popular. The idea of separating the various circuits of a synth to let musicians free to choose and organize different components was introduced by Moog at the dawn of synth history, but Eurorack’s open format makes it more portable and exciting, and already hundreds of manufacturers have modules for it.

The concept and the technology are actually not too dissimilar from the ones behind guitar pedals: maybe that’s why a bunch of stompbox manufacturers (namely Malekko, Dwarfcraft Devices and soon – we heard – also Black Cat) are coming out with Eurorack products.

Brooklyn based Qu-Bit is one of them, and they have a quite unique approach to what they do. They unveiled a new module at the Brooklyn Synth Expo, the Nano Rand (pictured, on the left), and also brought along the soon to be released Tri-Ger (also pictured in two color variations); both look very exciting.

Check out their presentation in the video below.

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