Aug 28, 2012

Today, Massey Plugins Inc. released the CT5, an update on their workhorse compressor, the CT4. According to Steve Massey, “The core sound remains 99% the same; I’m tweaking one of the internal filters for the better and improving the dynamic range of the compression circuit.”

Taking their user feedback to heart, the folks at Massey have included some handy new features with the update. They’ve added a limit mode for more aggressive, higher ratio compression, a wet-dry blending knob, and a sidechain input. Even without the limit mode, the CT5 allows for significantly higher compression settings than its predecessor – plus it has a shiny new metallic blue finish!

The CT5 comes bundled with the CT4 for $75, but current CT4 owners can update for a mere $3. Head over to Massey Plugins to demo or buy – the CT5 is available for RTAS, TDM, and AudioSuite formats. –Mike Bauer

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