Dec 15, 2014

For those interested in learning how synths and electronic musical circuits work and interact with each other, KORG’s littleBits’ Synth Kit is the ideal place to start. By creating the smallest modular synth on the planet, and making it easily configurable with magnetic connection and tiny controls, littleBits has made the complicated world of modular synthesis accessible to everyone, kids included.

And now it’s are about to offer this world back to the professional musicians with the introduction of three new and exciting modules:

– The MIDI bit will let musicians control their littleBits synth through any DAW like Ableton and Pro Tools;

– The CV (Control Voltage) module will allow integration with other analog synths;

– The USB I/O unit will allow anybody to record directly into their DAW from the Synth Kit or send audio from your DAW to the Synth Kit for processing.

At our NYC Synth Expo, littleBits’ engineer Paul walked us through these new bits, which should be available for purchase in early 2015; check out the video below.

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